iPhone 6 Battery Case , Jackery Leaf iPhone 6 Battery Case (4.7 Inches) - MFI Apple Certified 3200mAh External Rechargeable Portable Charger Protective iPhone 6 Charger Case / iPhone 6 Charging Case Extended iPhone Charger Backup Power Bank

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Jackery is a leading technology company specializing in innovative and high quality products for smartphones and tablets. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, we are fully committed to providing exceptional products and affordable prices to all of our customers. With Jackery advanced battery solutions, your smartphones and tablets will work and play longer than ever. About Jackery® Leaf: - iPhone case with easy snap-on design - High-capacity premium rechargeable external battery pack - Fast charging speed for your iPhone battery case - 4-layer smart safety protection circuit Jackery® Leaf Spec: - Performance for iPhone 6: 100% extra battery life - Input: 5V / 2A - Input charging time: 3-4h via Standard USB or AC adapter (not included) - Output: USB 5V 1A - Compact Size: 5.9 x 2.9 x 0.7 inches; Weight: 4.3 ounce - 12-month warranty Most Popular Uses: iPhone Protective Case: iPhone case, iPhone 6 battery case, iPhone 6 battery case, iPhone 6 case, iPhone 6 case iPhone Charger: iPhone 6 charger, iPhone 6 charger, rechargeable iPhone case, rechargeable battery case, portable charger, portable iPhone charger
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: 3200mAh premium iPhone 6 charger case (also iPhone 6 battery case) with built-in Apple Lightning Connector and two premium protective cases for iPhone 6.
  • APPLE CERTIFIED: Certified by Apple MFI (Made For iPhone); Compatible with all versions of iOS; One of the world's best designed portable charger and external battery for iPhone 6.
  • COMPACT TRAVEL CHARGER: The world's best iPhone 6 battery case and portable charger is perfect for long flights
  • road trips
  • or whenever you need to charge your iPhone 6.
  • POWERFUL BATTERY CHARGER: 3-color LED charging status indicator; Secured battery safety with 4 layers of smart safety protection circuit; Jackery Leaf can be used for iPhone 6 portable charger
  • iPhone 6 charger
  • iPhone case
  • iPhone charger case
  • and an iPhone protective case.
  • IPHONE BATTERY PACK: 1x premium audio extension cable and 1x premium micro-USB charging cable.

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